Buckeyes to Badgers and now engaged!

These two are originally from the great state of Ohio.  Now they live in Wisconsin.  They traveled to Colorado to get in some skiing.  Now they are engaged!

Joe planned this out by first contacting Two Below Zero to arrange an exclusive sleigh ride for his marriage proposal idea.  The sleigh company suggested that Joe hire a professional photographer to capture this big day.  Joe took their advice and reached out to me.  I went over how this works.  I coordinate with the sleigh driver to determine where they will be stopping along the trail.  I scout out the area and pick a spot to hide.  They would arrive at the predesignated area and he would exit to the rear of the sleigh.  He would not know exactly where I would be hiding but I assured him that I would be in the perfect spot.  Our plan was set and Joe hired me.  Now we wait.

On the day of his reservation everything was in place.  All I had to do was calm his nerves by telling him that the sleigh driver would do her job, I would do my job, all he had to worry about was doing his job.  And he did.  And this is what it looked like… (spoiler alert, SHE SAID YES!)


The sleigh ride after the marriage proposal.

The sleigh ride after the marriage proposal.


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Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.

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