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Buckeyes to Badgers and now engaged!

These two are originally from the great state of Ohio.  Now they live in Wisconsin.  They traveled to Colorado to get in some skiing.  Now they are engaged! Joe planned this out by first contacting Two Below Zero to arrange an exclusive sleigh ride for his marriage proposal idea.  The sleigh company suggested that Joe…

From Philly to Breckenridge to propose marriage

Mike called me to ask how my photography business worked in conjunction with a marriage proposal sleigh ride. I told him, “it works extremely well”! I could tell that Mike was a bit nervous about this whole deal and rightfully so. He is about to ask one of the most important questions of his life,…

Light snow and a marriage proposal

This couple traveled in from Dallas to start looking at wedding venues in Breckenridge, CO.  You might think that this was putting the cart before the horse since Rafael had not yet asked Jill to be his wife.  This was all part of his master plan.  He even went as far as to purchase a…

Hidden Video Camera Marriage Proposal

It is not always prudent or possible to have a photographer with you when you are planning to propose marriage.  On this occasion the couple took a snowmobiling tour with High Country Tours and there was no viable way for me to “tag along” without really raising suspicions.  So for this situation I sent the…

Paul & Lauren Blizzard Marriage Proposal

So Paul had this all planned out.  First, drive up from Boulder. Second, take a scenic sleigh ride with Nordic Sleigh Rides in Breckenridge, CO.  Third, propose to his girlfriend, Lauren.  Plans don’t always workout.  The airlines lost their luggage as they flew in from Dallas.  Then Mother Nature decided to dump snow all over…

Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.


Adventurous photographer who enjoys the "top secret" aspect of planning marriage proposals. From my hidden vantage point I will photograph your engagement. Trust is the biggest factor for me. You need to relax and trust that this is "not my first rodeo" and that I know EXACTLY what I am doing.

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