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Was not planning to hire a professional photographer for his marriage proposal.

Nick contacted me after seeing some of my marriage proposal photographs from Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. He was researching places to ask his girlfriend, Mandy, to marry him while in Colorado. Mandy had mentioned Dream Lake once while the two were discussing places to see in Colorado on their upcoming trip. He had no intention of hiring a photographer to capture his marriage proposal but that changed when he realized that I not only photographed these moments but I also help in the planning marriage proposals.

Adding Marriage Proposal to a Colorado Vacation

Nick and Mandy were vacationing in Colorado and had a very packed schedule. Among the spots they wanted to visit were Mount Evans, Red Rocks, Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park. He and I discussed all of these places as potential location for his event. I had recently scouted and photographed a proposal at Mills Lake inside RMNP. We were leaning towards this but had not solidified our plan.

Memorial Day weekend was upon us. I was making plans to head to the desert for a family camping trip. Nick hit me up via text and said he really wanted to Dream Lake to be his spot. I was in and out of cellphone coverage for much of the next few days. He was starting to feel his nerves kick into overdrive. We had briefly discussed having some etched Champagne flutes or beer glasses personalized for his proposal but again, we had not made a final decision.

Nick is scheduled to propose on Tuesday morning. It is now Monday before noon. I had not been able to reach out to Nick via text messaging. He and Mandy were up near Mt. Evans. I did receive a message from Nick’s mom. She relayed that he was getting nervous and he wanted to get the glassware to top off his plan. I quickly called The Glass Art Company to have them get to work ASAP. Those glasses were picked up that afternoon and I headed to Estes Park. I did not want to leave anything to chance with traffic between Breckenridge and Rocky Mountain National Park so I camped out for the night just outside the park entrance.

Getting Ready to Propose

At 5:38am I received a message from nick that they would be leaving Denver in 10 minutes. This gave me time to prep and head into the park. Around 8:15am I saw Nick and Mandy cruising into the parking lot in their rental car. I had Nick send me a quick photo of their car along with a selfie. This way I could identify them. As they parked I took off up the trail.

Nick and Mandy made it to Dream Lake but Nick needed a little extra guidance. I had discreetly shown him the yellow Nalgene bottle that i would be leaving as his marker. As he approached the lake I made myself very visible to give Nick the extra guiandace he needed to make to to his mark. As they made their way to the marker this is what I saw…

Hidden Marriage Proposal Photographer Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

With his marker in place (yellow bottle), Nick is taking one knee to ask Mandy to be his wife along the shoreline of Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park


Hidden Marriage Proposal Photographer Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Mandy is shocked by this unexpected moment. She was the person who actually picked Dream Lake while talking about their future back in Florida.


Hidden Marriage Proposal Photographer Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Etched Champagne flutes from The Glass Art Company, this newly engaged couple is soaking in the sunshine inside Rocky Mountain National Park after SHE SAID YES!


Hidden Marriage Proposal Photographer Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Always a crowd favorite! Sharpie marker on her palms to announce to the world that she said yes to his marriage proposal.

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