From NYC to Frisco, CO for a Marriage Proposal Sleigh Ride with Two Below Zero

Jeff had already booked his sleigh ride with Two Below Zero before calling me to inquire about my marriage proposal planning and photography services. I assured him that he had picked the BEST sleigh ride company here in the mountains near Breckenridge for his marriage proposal.

They arrived to check in prior to their departure time and Jeff met me in the men’s restroom so we could briefly go over the final details. After that talk I hurried off to my hiding spot to photograph this marriage proposal

marriage-proposal  EAR_2404(pp_w768_h460) From NYC to Frisco, CO for a Marriage Proposal Sleigh Ride with Two Below Zero

Jeff is down on one knee for the traditional marriage proposal stance while on a one horse open sleigh ride with Two Below Zero in Frisco, CO.

Saying hello to the hidden marriage proposal photographer after she said yes! The secret was out that he had hired a hidden photographer to capture this big life moment.

She could not wait another minute after the marriage proposal to video chat from Frisco, Colorado to Mexico City, Mexico and show off her new engagement ring.

Showing off the beautiful new engagement ring while high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Moose the draft horse was just as important to this newly engaged couple as the engagement ring itself. Two Below Zero really is a professional outfit.

A romantic sleigh ride in the Colorado Rocky Mountains after a successful marriage proposal with Two Below Zero.

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Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.

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