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How do you plan a marriage proposal in Colorado when you live out of state?

Sandesh lives in New Jersey and so does his girlfriend (SPOILER ALERT: not his girlfriend anymore). The day before they jumped on a plane to travel to Colorado is was 94 degrees in NJ and we had just received over two feet of snow! Sandesh needed this marriage proposal to be over the top and not something he could arrange back on the east coast. He wanted to his marriage proposal to be surrounded by gorgeous snow covered mountains.

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Sandesh first contacted me via my website. He was very limited with his weekends and wanted to make this proposal happen before Memorial Day weekend. With the weather being so fickle this time of the year I told Sandesh that I could scout a couple of short hiking trails for him and explained that a freak snow storm could change our landscape overnight. I asked him to trust me that I could find him a location. He said OK and with that he booked his flights out of New Jersey.

Sandesh was not planning to tell Seema their exact destination. He advised her to pack some nice clothes and also plan for snow. This kept her heading spinning about what exactly he was up to. Back home it was hot and humid, where in the world was it snowing?

Seema and Sandesh arrived in Denver to a windy and rainy evening. They rented their car and headed up to the mountains. Little did they know that their estimated 1.5 hours drive would take 3 hours since it was still snowing here in the Rockies. They arrived in Breckenridge under the cover of darkness so neither of them had a chance to see the massive mountains that they were new nestled into.

Sandesh texted me in the morning and explained their late arrival and need to sleep in a bit. He wanted to push his proposal time back an hour or so and asked for breakfast recommendations. I told them to check out The Butterhorn in Frisco, CO and to relax. I had nothing else planned for the day expect to shoot his marriage proposal.

The two enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on Main Street in Frisco and then headed up to Sapphire Point Overlook. When they arrived a handful of tourists were mingling around. I watched Sandesh and Seema walk down the path and passed the overlook. My phone received a text from Sandesh asking about the small groups of people. I told him to wait close and at the first opportunity alone to drop to one knee. The other people slowly dispersed along the trails and Sandesh and Seema took the point. He was taking his jacket off and acting like he was preparing to take a selfie. In reality he was sending me a text message asking if he should now. I replied via text, “NOW” and this is what I saw….

Marriage Proposal Photographed at Sapphire Point Overlook in Frisco, CO

Taking to one knee Sandesh did exactly what I asked. He used the “X” in the dirt as his marker and asked for her hand in marriage.


Sapphire Point Overlook Marriage Proposal Photograph

With storm clouds quickly approaching Sapphire Point Overlook this proposal ended with SHE SAID YES


Sapphire Point Overlook Marriage Proposal Photograph

Sandesh was so pleased with the ease that this marriage proposal plan took he was in shock himself.


Sapphire Point Overlook Marriage Proposal Photograph

With personally etched Champagne flutes provided by a local vendor, these two were so thrilled with the surroundings that Sapphire Point provides for this event.


Sapphire Point Overlook Marriage Proposal Photograph

This is the best possible outcome from a marriage proposal high in the Rocky Mountains. A kiss and a smile!

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Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.

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