Professional Marriage Proposal Planning – So how does this work?

Professional Marriage Proposal Planning – So how does this work?

You have picked out the ring and now you are trying to figure out how to “pop the question”. Hire me! I am a professional marriage proposal planner and photographer. I will help you design a unique event. I live out here in the mountains of Colorado near Breckenridge and Vail, so I have the advantage of helping to plan your marriage proposal with a “locals perspective”.


Step 1
Do you know the answer to the question you want to ask?
This might sound obvious to some but like a good lawyer, you don’t ask questions that you don’t already know the answer to.

Step 2
Do you want this to be a romantic proposal or adventurous?
You should have a good understanding if your better half is more suited for a high alpine snowmobile excursion to the peaks above 12,000′ or more comfortable being tucked under a blanket in a one horse open sleigh.

Step 3
I scout out the location, make sure the sun is where we want it, access is easy, and your mark (yes, I leave you a distinct marker so you know where to stop) is readily visible for you to find.

Step 4
You arrive, take a deep breath, ask for their hand in marriage, some tears fall, then everyone smiles for the camera as you reveal you had this whole thing planned all the way down to hiring a hidden photographer to capture everyone’s reactions!

After that we part ways so I can process your photos and get them up online before you finish dinner that evening.

(this is the simple version, we need to talk on the phone, work out details, discuss what you have in your “mind’s eye”)

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Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.