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I need help planning a marriage proposal in Colorado

When you will be on vacation in Colorado, and want to propose to your girlfriend, it is a good idea to call on a professional marriage proposal planner. That is exactly what Cody did. He called on me to help him plan his marriage proposal to his girlfriend Nicole. Cody and Nicole live in St. Louis and are in the middle of constructing their new home. He knew he wanted to be engaged before they moved in and their upcoming vacation to Colorado was a great opportunity.

How to pick the spot to propose.

Cody wanted to be somewhere along a hiking trail. He wanted the Rocky Mountains to be the backdrop. Along with Nicole, Cody had a group of friends accompanying them along their trip. For this to happen Cody wanted a spot that was easy enough to get too without worrying too much about winter gear and snowshoes. He had reviewed a few of my previous marriage proposals. One that was really interesting was the location along Mohawk Lakes. We discussed some of the logistics of various areas around Breckenridge. I scouted a few trails and sent him the photos. Boreas Pass had an overlook that provided exactly what Cody wanted.

Making the marriage proposal plan.

With out spot picked out all we needed was to put a schedule to this event. Cody and his party were staying near Lake Dillon Reservoir. Not everyone involved in this hiking trip was clued into what was about to happen. I had given Cody the advice not to share his marriage proposal plan with anyone more than he had to. The less people who knew, the less chance of someone letting the plan be known. Our plan was simple. The whole group would arrive at the trail head around 9:30AM. The hike would take less than 30 minutes. I would leave pink marker tape along the trail so Cody knew exactly where to break off. Cody had a few “helpers” in the group to keep everyone else from walking up to the overlook.

Executing the marriage proposal plan.

Jeff was in charged of contacting me via text message. This way Nicole would not become suspicious of Cody. I arrived at the trail head about 30 minutes prior to their arrival. With plenty of time to prepare I made my hiding spot comfortable. With a yellow Nalgene bottle placed as the marker I laid in wait. Jeff sent me a text that the group had arrived, parked, and was beginning the hike. On que the group arrived. Cody and Nicole walked into the trap and this is what I saw…

Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Along Boreas Pass Hidden Photographer

While hiding under a ghillie hood I captured Cody down on one knee.


Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Along Boreas Pass Hidden Photographer

Completely caught off guard, Nicole is stunned to see Cody on his knee asking her to marry him.

After SHE SAID YES I was able to come out of hiding and take these candid photographs…

Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Along Boreas Pass Hidden Photographerf

Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Hidden Photographer

The newly engaged couple along with the co-conspirators in this surprise marriage proposal plan.

Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Along Boreas Pass Hidden PhotographerBreckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Along Boreas Pass Hidden Photographer

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