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How to sneak in a marriage proposal while in Colorado

Craig was on a business trip to Colorado and Tarah was planning to come join him for a few events. They were going to catch a concert at Red Rocks and then do some camping before heading home. She was traveling with their dog so any plans for a marriage proposal were going to include their furry companion.

Found a professional marriage proposal planner and photographer

Craig found me through a google search and an article on 9 News Denver . After the initial phone conversation I had given him some good information to consider. First thing was that Rocky Mountain National Park was not going to be dog friendly. This simple fact had Craig cross that idea off the list. I had a few ideas and we settled on Wheeler Lake after I sent him some scout photos with a stick figure bent done on one knee.

A group effort to get this event in the right spot

With a little help from others Craig had Tarah onboard with camping just north of Fairplay, CO. I had given Craig all the directions he needed to get to the trailhead but even so, I was inconspicuously waiting for them at the parking lot as they pulled in. Unbeknownst to Tarah, I was with them almost the entire hike. I say almost because after a few miles of the hike Tarah, the dog, and Craig hitched a ride with some “Jeepers”. I was already at the top and again we exchanged a few words without Tarah being any the wiser.

All good plans can go awry

Our plan was for me to hike around the lake and set a bottle out on a rock where I wanted Craig to drop to one knee and propose. That was the plan but as all good plans can go awry, this one did. Tarah and Craig were sitting on the north edge of the lake as I made my way to the south side. I set out the bottle and got into my hiding spot. As I peeped out to focus my camera I noticed that the bottle had disappeared. As Tarah and Craig were still sitting with the dog I was frantically working to get the bottle, which the wind had blown into the lake, out in the middle of the lake. I was finally able to retrieve my bottle but there was another problem. Craig had coaxed Tarah to hike around the lake but she did not really see a need to hike all the way around. This left Craig in a bit of pinch but I could see that they had stopped so I picked up on the que.

This was maybe the third time that Tarah and Craig were again chatting it up with me but time was running out. Tarah was commenting about just how gorgeous this location was and I said, “Oh yeah? I bet it could be even more special”. This was Craig’s que and he took it in stride. Craig dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes!

Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Photographer and Planner


Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Professional Photographer and Planner

Celebrating with Champagne after she said yes to his marriage proposal.Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Professional Photographer and Planner

Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Professional Photographer and PlannerBreckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal Professional Photographer and Planner

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Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.

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