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Marriage Proposal Planned for Mohawk Lakes near Breckenridge, COMarriage Proposal Breckeridge Colorado

Making of the marriage proposal plan

Jeremy contacted me after finding me via a Google search for help planning his marriage proposal. He had already had an engagement ring made and was ready to propose to his girlfriend, Tia. Jeremy’s first issue with planning a marriage proposal in Breckenridge was he was not living in Colorado. Tia had taken a job in Denver and he had already made plans to come visit her for a long weekend. He wanted help finding a location to “pop the question”. Jeremy had seen some of my work and knew he wanted something more adventurous than a simple walk to Sapphire Point Overlook. Jeremy rented an AirBnB in Breckenridge for a couple of nights so that was where we would make the plan.

I suggested a few spots like North Star Mountain and Aspen Alley. The leaves in our mountains had already changed color and fallen from the limbs. Jeremy told me that they were seasoned hikers and they had made a recent trip to Denali, AK. I mentioned a very poplar trail called Mohawk Lakes and that this time of the year it should be very quiet. Jeremy liked this idea so I made a scout trip out to take some photos. The weather was unpredictable with a mix of sun and snow in the upcoming forecast. After I made it up to Lower Mohawk Lake and sent Jeremy this scout image:

Marriage Proposal Breckenridge Colorado Mountains

Scout photo sent to client to help visualize his marriage proposal in the mountains near Breckenridge, CO.

Getting the marriage proposal plan in motion

Because we had a firm plan now in place all Jeremy had to do was keep his cool until Sunday. He had mentioned to me over the phone that Tia had a Hyundai Sonata. This information was not a big deal until I arrived at the trailhead 10 minutes early only to find a couple locking up their Hyundai Sonata and hiking up the trial. I was a bit worried. I had sent Jeremy an email asking for the details about what car they would arrive in and what clothes they were wearing. There was no reply to this email request of mine. I immediately sent a one word text to Jeremy, “EMAIL”. This was at approximately 9:00am. We had planned on him arriving between 9 and 9:30. As a result of my panicked text I received an email within a few minutes, “Gold car, I am in green and so is she. ETA 9:10am”. A few minutes after I got this they pulled in to the parking lot.

Marriage Proposal Planning Breckenridge, CO

Getting ready to hike to his marriage proposal and his girlfriend has no idea what is about to happen or that a hidden photographer has been hired.

With the plan now in motion Jeremy and Tia begin their hike and I drive up the trail so I can get into my hiding spot ahead of their arrival. The trail is nearly empty. Jeremy and Tia make great time up the trail and arrive. Jeremy followed the plan to a “T”. He walked around the lake. Found the Nalgene bottle (placed as a marker) on top of the boulder. Jeremy got Tia up there. He dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. SHE SAID YES and this is what I saw….

Marriage Proposal Mohawk Lakes Breckenridge Colorado Rocy Mountains

Down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage.

Marriage Proposal Breckenridge Colorado Rocky Mountains

Moments after SHE SAID YES


Marriage Proposal Breckenridge Colorado Rocky Mountains

She said yes at 11,868 feet above sea level.


Marriage Proposal Breckenridge Colorado Rocky Mountains

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Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.

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