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I want to propose and I want her parents secretly involved

Kyle reached out to me to help him plan his marriage proposal. He needed a spot like Sapphire Point because he had more than just his marriage proposal to surprise his girlfriend with. This marriage proposal would have an added twist. Kyle wanted to sneak Casey’s parents into the proposal some how and he wanted the whole event photographed. This made me even more intrigued with helping him plan his marriage proposal.

Sapphire Point Overlook marriage proposal plan

Kyle had part of his secret double surprise plan in the works. He had convinced Casey that her car was going into the shop for repairs. This was totally not the case. Casey’s parents were flying into Colorado from Ohio and would take her car up to Breckenridge the night before the marriage proposal was to take place. Kyle has seen some of my previous work and we decided that Sapphire Point was the best spot for this plan to work. I met with Casey’s mom and dad at the Breckenridge Brewery in Breckenridge, CO to go over our plan. I would smuggle them to Sapphire Point in my truck so Casey would not see her car up here in the mountains. They were stoked!

Executing the marriage proposal plan

About 30 minutes before Kyle and Casey were scheduled to arrive at Sapphire Point Overlook, I picked up Casey’s parents and took them to the location. Sapphire Point was the perfect location for this event. I had her parents walk up the trail about 50 yards just as Casey and Kyle were walking down the trail. Kyle received an email from me the night before outlining exactly how I wanted him to position himself for his marriage proposal. And that same email also instructed him what to do right after she said yes so we could get her folks into the action. This is what it all looked like….

Sapphire Point Overlook Marriage Proposal Photographer

Kyle took one knee to ask Casey for her hand in marriage while perched along Sapphire Point Overlook near Breckenridge, CO.

Sapphire Point Overlook Marriage Proposal Photographer

Sapphire Point Overlook Marriage Proposal Photographer

Casey is on Cloud 9 and has no idea that those two people in the background walking up are her parents who were suppose to be in Florida.

Sapphire Point Overlook Breckenridge Colorado Marriage Proposal

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