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Forrest and his girlfriend (now fiancee), Bianca, live in Kansas. Forrest contacted me a few months ago inquiring about a possible marriage proposal plan that involved Pikes Peak. At first I was hesitant since the weather on Pikes Peak can be so temperamental, especially during the winter. After a few weeks we came up with a plan that would take place at Sapphire Point Overlook near Frisco, CO. Forrest is a photographer himself so the pressure was on for me to impress him with how well I could capture his big day.

Just before they arrived at Sapphire Point I sent a last minute change to our plan. Nothing severe, just a slight change to where I wanted Forrest to drop to one knee. Sapphire Point is usually a very busy place and just 20 minutes before I was scheduled to photographer this marriage proposal another couple got engaged right in front of me while I was adjusting my camera settings.

With the last minute change I had sent to Forrest’s phone, I was a bit worried that he would not have seen the exact change so I sat on the rocks as they walked down the path. Forrest nodded his head letting me know that he saw me and was onboard with the new spot. Here is what I saw as Forrest asked Bianca to be his wife…

Marriage proposal at Sapphire Point Overlook

Down on one knee, Forrest is “popping the question” with Peak One of the Ten Mile Range in the background.

marriage proposal at Sapphire Point Overlook

She had no idea that he was going to pop the question until he dropped down on his knee and displayed the engagement ring.

After she said yes, Forrest let Bianca in on the fact that he had hired a professional photographer to capture this marriage proposal. I spent about 30 minutes capturing candid photos of the two. I learned that they were going to travel back to Denver to catch a Colorado Rockies baseball game that evening. I also learned that Bianca was a 911 dispatcher while they lived in Artesia, NM.

marriage proposal at Sapphire Point Overlook

This kind of smile can not be faked or replicated. Moments after he asked her to marry him, she is smiling from ear to ear and thrilled with how this marriage proposal was planned and played out.

marriage proposal at Sapphire Point Overlook

To help commemorate this marriage proposal, a sharpie marker was used to document her YES along with the elevation high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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Me goofing off with a client and his now finance after snowmobiling up Machine Gun Ridge near Vail, CO.

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